Halls of the Gods

Here’s a little something to wet the appetite. Dave and I caught some pretty good snow (especially this early in the year) on the Halls of the Gods on 1/3/11. Before we dropped in some brobras thought it would be pretty cool to try to fake us out by saying the conditions were too dangerous. When we went to check it out ourselves they dashed over to the skier’s left chute to cut us off. What a bunch of, well… douches!

Anyway, after these fun turns we were all smiles. That is, until Dave’s skin froze and he had to boot his way out. Our retreat was prolonged to say the least. But despite being out well past dark we had a great time. The views from Echo/ Angora ridge were unique. The south shore was revealed to us through thin, patchy clouds illuminated from beneath. Above that was clear skys and we stood between.

I was a little worried that there would be a breakable crust on the snow during our descent because it was quite cold. But we enjoyed a nice sugary snow as we skied our way down Echo in the nearly new moon darkness.

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