Spring pow on Steven’s back bowls

Amazingly, some of the coldest weather of the year blew into the Tahoe basin as people where busting out bikes, shorts and flip-flops. With the cold came blower pow (as the video below will show), wind and some quickly changing conditions. Never misunderestimate the power of solar radiation, even on a cold day. I will admit that I harbor some regrets about not getting after it earlier in the AM. But oh well…

By the end of this session with Chris, we were skiing through spring like snow on the lower flanks of the mountain and large wet slide became a real issue on sunny slopes steeper than 35 degrees. None-the-less, this day was quite a treat in April.

By the by, well over an inch of snow has fallen in the last couple of hours in South Shore. More to come, too! Looking forward to another spring pow day tomorrow.

For photos of the ridiculous amount of chutes, hucks, crusers and glades in the back bowls of Steven’s, click “continue reading.”

Tried to ski this line, but it wasn't safe...


  1. Nice ending… even after seeing that, I’ll still say that you should’ve joined us in Bridgeport.

  2. dude that was an awesome day. cant wait to go back this saturday and ski those chutes. that crash still cracks me up.

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