Little Slide and a Snowy Saw Tooth Ride II

As promised, here is the video of Splitboard Steve, Funk, Coon and me descending the left side of the Cleaver via Cleaver Col. As the video will show, wind slabs were a legitimate concern and some selective route finding was necessary to avoid slides. I must say that I was quite impressed with the granite towers that formed the arching ridge of the Cleaver. I guess I didn’t know what to expect of this formation having only seen it head on – viewing only its narrow aspect.

Below I have posted some pics of Kettle Peak and Little Slide Canyon that illustrate the vast amount of ski descents available in that area plus some cool scenery.

Kettle Peak

Our line ran down the right chute with the choke in the middle that ends halfway down the face. We cut looker’s left after the pinch and dropped off a cornice into the left chute which lead us out and onto the big fan below.

While Coon and I were working on the descent on Kettle, Funk and Splitboard made there way up this face, looker’s right of the Hulk. They worked their way up the middle line and encountered DEEP wind deposited pow and spicy avalanche conditions. There is a lot of potential for technical descents here. Anyone know the name of this (sub) peak? Definitely a prime objective next time I’m in the canyon.

Reggae Pole

The first chute we skied off of Kettle exited to the looker’s left of this very cool spire. An interesting sounding Dave Nettle route ascends the south face  of this feature to an isolated summit.

Base Camp

We were big pimping with a deluxe fart cavern, I mean snow cave, right below the Hulk. Methane powered central heating kept us warm and rested at night.

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