A Fallen Baby Angel Cham

Fallen Angel is the narrow line second in from the left

Unable to decide whether to ski Baby Cham on Mt. Tallac or drop Fallen Angel on Angora, Yu and I compromised by doing them both last Thursday. Cham had been beat to hell by the Unofficial Squaw BC crew, but Fallen Angel hadn’t seen a track. Regardless of this fact, the upper sections of the chute was in less than ideal condition, as the video above will show. It was one long tour, starting with a climb up Echo peak. We then traversed over to Angora, dropped down the Fallen Angel, crossed Glen Alpine creek (not so hard if you can find the bridge), went up the southern shoulder of Tallac to the summit, and finally descended Baby Cham to the car. After Cham – and the rock hard wind-buff below – we were more than ready to drink a beer. Extra special thanks to Kel and Lefty for providing the car shuttle and cold cans of satisfaction. Boo wind for destroying so much fresh snow. We’ll be back for better conditions soon. Mark my words.


  1. Yeah… gotta get me some leashes… then I would have got to ski down not boot down. On Fallen Angel and Baby Cham… BTW it’s Cham (not Sham)… as in Chamonix.

  2. Great video, Nick. I’m glad we went to Kirkwood that day instead of trying to follow you goons..

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